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WSJ Writer Corrects Misconception that Saudi Money Went to an Ivanka Charity

Pundits were quick to expose what they thought was a “gotcha moment” for President Trump over the weekend. Trump is a hypocrite, they charged, for criticizing the Clintons for accepting charitable money for the Clinton Foundation, while his daughter just accepted millions of dollars from the Saudis for her own charity.


There’s just one problem: the money is going to the World Bank, not any of his daughter’s foundations.

Wall Street Journal contributor Sohrab Ahmari could only roll his eyes as he tried to correct the misconception.

In fact, if you click on the piece in question, the fact is right there in the opening paragraph.

The World Bank announced Sunday at an event with Ivanka Trump, the U.S. president’s daughter and senior White House adviser, that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have pledged a combined $100 million to a fund that will assist women entrepreneurs and small business owners.

To summarize: The Women Entrepreneurs Fund is being championed by Ivanka, but it’s not her charity.


The Clinton Foundation, in contrast, has had no problem accepting charitable contributions from Saudi Arabia, which has an awful human rights record.

However, these important differences won't stop some outlets from channeling their narrative. 

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