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Gov. McAuliffe Pledges to Free Refugees Detained at Dulles Airport

New York's John F. Kennedy International wasn't the only airport that had its share of demonstrations Saturday in defiance of President Trump's executive action on immigration. His order, you've probably heard by now, bans refugees from seven nations in the Middle East and Africa for three months, as well as bans Syrian refugees indefinitely. Protesters stormed JFK airport to reject what they call a "Muslim ban" and demand authorities release two Iraqi men who had recently arrived in the city. One of the men was released and he thanked the protesters for helping speed the process.


Yet, it seems more refugees are currently stuck in Washington Dulles International airport in Virginia. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D) just held a press conference with Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, where he said he intends to help free the refugees, despite the president's mandate.

"You have the right to come to this country," the governor told the refugees, adding he will seek any legal avenues he can to free them.

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