Mika Slams Jim Acosta for More Misleading Questions

Posted: Jan 17, 2017 1:15 PM

At President-elect Donald Trump's press conference last week, CNN's Jim Acosta stole the show by demanding he get a question. He said CNN was entitled to one since Trump had repeatedly attacked their organization. Trump refused, accusing him of stoking "fake news" for reporting on an uncorroborated BuzzFeed report.

On Monday, Acosta followed Trump to Trump Tower in New York City, where he asked a misleading question to Martin Luther King III following the civil rights leader's meeting with the president-elect. The reporter wanted to know what King thought of Trump's feud with Rep. John Lewis. However, Acosta editorialized and answered his own question before giving King a chance to respond.

“Isn't that something that just cuts to your core when you hear the president-elect refer to John Lewis as all talk and no action,” Acosta asked King. “I mean nothing could be further from the truth, isn’t that right? John Lewis is not all talk and no action.”

"Morning Joe" anchor Mika Brzezinski, who made sure to note she is not a Trump supporter, nevertheless was fed up with the media's cherry picking everything Trump says, while leaving Democrats alone. She shared her thoughts on Acosta's behavior on Tuesday. 

"We decipher Democrats and make them sound great," she noted. "And we make Republicans sound like complete - the word we won't use."

Perhaps the media is the one who needs to "reset," Brzezinski surmised.