CNN Legacy Special Lauds Obama For Overcoming Republican Racism

Posted: Dec 08, 2016 5:30 PM
CNN Legacy Special Lauds Obama For Overcoming Republican Racism

CNN aired a special highlighting President Obama’s legacy on Wednesday. As expected, the network offered a glowing review of his two terms, while praising him for being able to overcome those racist Republicans in Congress.

You probably could have guessed how it was going to go judging by the host, former Obama adviser Fareed Zakaria, who once called Donald Trump a cancer on democracy. On Wednesday night's report, Zakaria explained how the president faced unfair pushback as soon as he was elected.

“Within half a mile of where Obama and Michelle are dancing and celebrating their great victory, his Republican opponents are wining and dining and plotting his defeat,” he said, eerily.

He used two other liberals' opinions to support his claim.

DAVID AXELROD: It's indisputable that there was a ferocity to the opposition and a lack of respect to him that was a function of race.

VAN JONES: I can't name one thing that this congress supported this president on in eight years. You have to have an extraordinary explanation for this level of obstruction.

Later in the two-hour program, Zakaria suggested that the fight over Obamacare was also rooted in racism.

The host wouldn’t dare say this, but most Republicans did not oppose Obama’s policies because of the color of his skin. They fought against them because they were counter to a freedom-loving, conservative agenda.

I’m left to wonder, where was the legacy special for President George W. Bush? You would be hard pressed to hear the media talk about his successes or defend him from his Democratic dissenters. Apparently that opposition was completely justifiable.