Paul Ryan: 'The Past Is the Past'

Posted: Nov 10, 2016 6:45 PM
Paul Ryan: 'The Past Is the Past'

“The past is the past,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said on Fox News's “Special Report” with Bret Baier Thursday after his meeting with president-elect Donald Trump. The two had a somewhat awkward relationship throughout the campaign, with Ryan criticizing Trump’s plan to put a ban on Muslim immigration and waffling on an endorsement.

Yet, the two had a productive meeting Thursday on Capitol Hill, Ryan said, noting he is confident Trump will implement the conservative policies congressional Republicans have been promoting.

“This is a man of action,” Ryan said. “We’re already talking about how to execute plans.”

In particular, Ryan said Trump will get to work right away to end regulations and help save millions of jobs – and that’s before they even get going passing their legislative agenda.

“The cloud is being lifted,” the speaker said.

Asked again about the perceived animosity between him and Trump, Ryan noted how he and vice presidential nominee Mike Pence did a big rally in Wisconsin last week ahead of the election, which he said was a strong sign of unity. He reiterated how impressive Trump’s victory was – the most impressive political feat he’s seen in his lifetime. He gave Trump a lot of credit for the down ballot GOP wins as well.

Although there have been rumblings from some very pro-Trump conservatives, Ryan said he was not worried about any challenge to his leadership.

“We’re excited about going forward,” he said. “The Democrats are the ones in turmoil.”

Repealing Obamacare, passing tax reform and securing the border are some of their top priorities.

“We are on the same page on securing the border,” he said.

Ryan did not exactly say he was a fan of Trump’s plan to build a wall, but agreed they needed “physical barriers” on the border, as well as interior enforcement.

Ryan once more praised Trump for his genuine desire to unite the country. Some of Trump’s more controversial behavior on the campaign trail was “hyperbole,” Ryan suggested. Upon winning the White House on Tuesday night (early Wednesday), Trump was “magnanimous” and “gracious” and displayed a “perfect temperament,” the speaker noted.

“He is taking this job seriously.”