Watch: A Frustrated and Exhausted Kellyanne Conway Lets Jake Tapper Have it Over CNN's Media Coverage

Posted: Nov 07, 2016 8:00 AM

Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway is tired. She's not just exhausted from the physical toll of running a 2016 campaign, but, as she told CNN Jake's Tapper on Sunday, she is tired of the media's biased spin against Donald Trump. 

Her comment set off a heated debate with Tapper that lasted several minutes. Why, she wondered, did his network not even try to hide its bias for Hillary Clinton? She, like many Trump supporters, could not help but notice CNN's eyebrow raising choice in headlines and subtexts this past year that made fun of Trump, as well as their choice in contributing "experts."

"I love CNN but you've got to be honest here," she said. "The lower thirds, what's always on the chyron, the panelists, the so-called experts constantly saying, 'She can't lose. The race is over.'"
Tapper seemed flabbergasted by her assertions. "I've never heard anybody say the race is over," he said, before moving to another topic.
As you'll see, their proceeding discussion about voter fraud was not any more cordial.

In the past year, CNN chyrons have been unabashedly critical and even mocking of the Republican nominee. Check out just this one instance when CNN editorialized Trump's comments about President Obama being the "founder of ISIS."

Has the network ever called out any of Clinton's (many) hypocrisies or missteps in such an obvious way? 

The bias doesn't end there. The network has also abruptly ended conversations when Trump surrogates were trying to make their points and, as Justin noticed, once lost the live feed of a reporter who was being critical of Clinton's policies. 

Before Conway's appearance on Sunday, CNN's Brian Stelter spent much of his program defending the media against Trump's tirades. 

To conclude, CNN believes it is the victim in this election and is only trying to defend itself from the bullish GOP nominee.