Former Trump Campaign Chair Warns 'Traitor' Republican Establishment About a 'Rude Awakening'

Posted: Oct 12, 2016 7:00 PM
Corey Stewart is now the former Virginia Campaign Chair for Donald Trump after his antics in front of the Republican National Committee headquarters on Monday. Stewart took part in a protest in which he accused the RNC of misusing funds Trump had raised on the campaign trail and withholding money from key battle states - especially Virginia.

He also called the Republican leaders "establishment pukes." He was quickly fired for the remarks and Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway was forced to assure the media that the campaign has a close relationship with the committee.

Stewart claims he was fired for political reasons. The man who fired him, David Bossie, is good friends with Ed Gillespie, whom he's running against in next year's gubernatorial race in Virginia.

Stewart responded to the controversy on Sirius XM radio on Wednesday, warning the RNC that the grassroots voters won't forget their "traitorous" actions. They should prepare for a "rude awakening," he said, even if Trump loses in November.

"If the Republican establishment thinks that if Trump loses that they’re going to take back control of the party and everything is going to be fine for them, I think they’re in for a rude awakening," Steward said on SiriusXM’s Steele & Ungar. "I mean there are all these people out there, like Barbara Comstock and others, who aren’t supporting Trump. I gotta tell you, there’s going to be such a huge effort in 2017 first and then in 2018 to remove these Republicans who most of the grassroots now see as traitors."

Stewart also proved his loyalty to Trump on MSNBC, telling anchor Craig Melvin the GOP nominee "absolutely" still has his support.