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Hillary Clinton's family is apparently not getting the memo. Her husband and former President Bill Clinton drew some unnecessary controversy by calling President Obama's health care legislation the "craziest thing in the world" this week. Hillary tried, unsuccessfully, to sweep it under the rug. Now, she may have to do the same thing for her daughter.


At an event in Dubuque, IA, Chelsea Clinton told the audience, "We do need to work on the affordable part of the Affordable Care Act." 

Chelsea said her mom is not going to scrap the plan, but work to make it better.  That would include would be to empowering Medicare to negotiate directly with drug companies, which wold lower drug costs for seniors, pass tax credits, and lower the eligible age for Medicare to 55. 

Her description of Obamacare was not quite as condescending as her father's, but it was critical nonetheless.

Why is her family trash talking the very health plan Hillary has pledged to defend and pursue?

(H/T NTK Network)


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