'He Just Sees Disability': Woman With Disability Condemns Trump in New Hillary Ad

Posted: Sep 23, 2016 9:20 AM

Anastasia Somoza has been a constant presence in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Born with cerebral palsy, Somoza has not let her disability hold her back, working as a disability rights advocate since the 1990s. She met Clinton in the White House at age 9, before interning for her in the U.S. Senate. She even got a prime speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention this summer. Somoza is supporting the Democratic nominee in the 2016 election because, she says in a new campaign ad, when Clinton looks at her, "she doesn't see a disability."

As for Donald Trump, "Donald Trump doesn't see people like me, he just sees a disability," Somoza says. 

The new ad, entitled "Sees," also reminds viewers about the time it appeared Trump mocked a New York Times reporter with a chronic condition. Appearing at the podium, he waved his hands in a motion to suggest he was making fun of the reporter's limited movements. Yet, Trump insisted that was not the case and that he would "never" do that. 

However, Somoza intones, Trump showed his true colors in that speech. She said she feels "bad" for people like him.