Hillary Heeds CNN Medical Advice, Cancels Campaign Trips

Posted: Sep 12, 2016 7:35 AM

You've probably seen (or at least heard) about the alarming fainting spell Hillary Clinton had on Sunday.The current Democratic nominee nearly passed out at the September 11 ceremony in New York City and had to be rushed to the hospital. Her doctor said it was due to a case of pneumonia and antibiotics. Yet, others have speculated the episode was the result of a long-term illness. 

CNN medical analyst Sanjay Gupta added his own voice to the chatter, suggesting Clinton take a break before continuing on the tiresome 2016 campaign trail. Clinton should not step on another plane, he said, until her vitals are checked.

SANJAY GUPTA, CNN: Yes, I think I would. And this has less to do with the fact she's Hillary Clinton or a candidate for president, but if you hear of anybody who is having this episode a little that is a little bit unusual, maybe not surprising given again the heat of the day, and the medications, but I think as you say out of an abundance of caution, I'd probably want to make sure that her blood pressure, do a routine EKG, check some basic lab values and that's not, you know, in medicine you have your strong suspicions, and I think again most common conclusion is what we've been talking about -- but out of an abundance of caution and interest in thoroughness you might check those other things. 

Well, it appears Clinton has heeded Gupta's advice. Late Sunday night her campaign announced it had nixed her trip to California.