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Hillary in NC: Voter ID Law Is 'Blast from Jim Crow Past'

At a speech in Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said the state's voter ID laws are "a blast from the Jim Crow past." The law, which requires voters to provide a form of identification at the polls, has been skewered by liberals across the country as discriminatory toward minorities.


Should Clinton become president, she said she would reverse this course by enacting universal voter registration that would automatically register people to vote when they turn 18. This would be just one part of her effort to "repair the damage" done to the Voting Rights Act, she said.

Clinton also used her podium to slam North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) for his other "bigoted policies" such as HB2, which prevents those who identify as transgender from using whichever public restroom they want.

In addition to voting for her in November, Clinton urged her audience to "change their governor."

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