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Biden Admits Hillary Has a Trust Problem, Tries to Offer Her Advice

Vice President Joe Biden offered his always blunt opinion Tuesday morning on CNN. When asked by Jeff Zeleny about Hillary Clinton's trust issues, Biden didn't defer an answer or sweep the negative statistics under a rug. He admitted honesty is Clinton's achilles heel. "Hillary knows it's a problem," he told Zeleny, before offering a solution.


"My advice to her: The best way to remedy it is, talk about what you care about and talk about it with some passion. And people will see through it."

Biden also noted how 2016 is the most negative campaign in recent history and that it's the Democratic nominee who has proven to be the bigger person.

"And so my question is, is anybody going to be able to break through what is just a -- you know, sort of the notion of, a pox on both your houses?" he said. "And that's why you hear her talking more about explicitly what it is she's going to do, how she's going to change things."

Biden and the rest of the Clinton camp better hope her taking the high road helps her poll numbers. The latest surveys on her honesty show her in the red by nearly 70 percent.

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