Hillary Super PAC So Confident It's Not Even Airing Ads in Swing States

Posted: Aug 16, 2016 2:15 PM

The latest poll in Virginia shows Hillary Clinton holding a 14-point lead over Donald Trump. She's up by the same amount in Colorado and is up 11 points in Pennsylvania. These numbers have convinced Clinton Super PAC Priorities USA that it can save some money on ads in these key states for the time being. The group announced it will not be airing any local ads for the majority of September.

"We know, at the moment, these are tough states for Donald Trump and there isn't as much of a need for us to air ads there," said Justin Barasky, a Priorities USA spokesman, who added that the group has no plans to expand their battleground map before Labor Day.

As for the Trump campaign, they have yet to air any TV ads against Clinton.