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Hillary Clinton touted a sunny looking vision of America’s economy during her remarks in Warren, Michigan on Thursday. The country has the world’s best workforce, innovate businesses and top colleges, she insisted, before zooming in on some specific successes in Michigan, noting the state’s auto industry just had its “best year ever.”


Clinton contrasted her optimistic message with Donald Trump’s doom and gloom rhetoric.

When he visited Detroit earlier this week, she noted, Trump talked only about poverty and crime.

“He is missing so much about what makes Michigan great!” Clinton said.

The same goes for his national narrative, Clinton continued. “He calls us a third world country.”

“He hasn’t offered any real solutions to the real challenges we face.”

Clinton then set up a scenario that painted her as a middle class hero.

“I am the product of the middle class,” Clinton said. Her grandfather worked in a lace mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which allowed her dad to go to school and eventually start a small business. He worked hard running a printing plant, printing fabric for draperies, she explained. No matter how far she goes, she said, she will always remember she is the daughter of a small business owner and the granddaughter of a factory worker.

With her family’s humble beginnings in context, Clinton tried to paint herself as a champion of entrepreneurs, announcing she plans to simplify tax filing for small businesses.

Clinton again pivoted to attacking Trump’s supposed history of stiffing small businesses and taking advantage of American workers. She just “can’t imagine” how Trump could deny payment to hard working business owners like her dad.


“That’s not how we do business in America,” she said.

Clinton said she plans to put Americans back to work, especially in the industry of infrastructure. Meanwhile, she noted how even conservative experts say Trump’s policies will pull us back into recession.

Clinton said each voter should answer these four questions for each candidate and go from there.

1.     Which candidate has a real plan to create good paying jobs?

2.     Who will restore fairness to our economy and ensure those at the top pay their fair share of taxes?

3.     Who will go to bat for working families

4.     Who can bring people together to deliver results to make a difference in American lives?

Earlier on Thursday, Trump was the one going on the attack, listing several negative statistics both about unemployment and a stagnant GDP.

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