Contrast: How Republicans Respond to a Pro-Hillary Activist vs. How Dems Respond to a Pro-Trump Activist

Posted: Aug 04, 2016 5:15 PM

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz conducted a simple social experiment at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions to gauge how each party would respond to him holding a sign promoting their opponent. At the Republican National Convention, holding an “I Love Hillary” sign, he received lighthearted jesting and gentle mockery.

"You're at the wrong convention!" one woman said jocosely.

“God loves you anyway,” another told him.

Horowitz did not receive “a single negative reaction” from Republicans at the RNC, he confirmed in an email to Townhall.

If only he could say the same for his experience at the DNC. The following week, he tried the same experiment in Philadelphia, proudly holding an “I Love Trump” poster. That day, the “City of Brotherly Love” did not exactly live up to its name.

Horowitz was greeting with “F*** you!,” “Take that sh** down!” and “F*** Trump!”

Other passersby accused him of being a racist, with an African-American woman declaring Trump wants to send her back to Africa.

One woman even appeared to spit on Horowitz.

Which is the party of compassion?