Speaker Ryan: 2016 Is the Year America Moves on from Obama and Clinton

Posted: Jul 19, 2016 9:45 PM

House Speaker Paul Ryan told RNC attendees on Tuesday night that it’s time to move forward – and that means the era of Barack Obama and the Clintons is over.

Ryan noted that Americans are ready for a new direction, judging by their choice in businessman Donald Trump, who has never before run for political office.

It’s clear that Americans “want a clean break from a failed system,” he said.

That’s why, “in this incredible year with so many surprises,” Ryan is puzzled by the Democratic Party’s choice of nominee.

“They are offering you a third Obama term brought to you by another Clinton – and we’re supposed to be excited about that?”

The differences that emerged in the Republican Party this election year are “signs of life,” he insisted. “They are signs of a party not just going through the motions.”

Meanwhile, the Democrats are about to officially nominate a woman who is perhaps the epitome of Washington politics.

Watch the Democratic National Convention next week if you want to see a “four-day infomercial of politically correct moralizing,” Ryan said.

“Let the other party go on and on with its constant dividing of people,” he continued. “In America aren’t we all supposed to see beyond class, beyond ethnicity?”

Americans have had enough and “2016 is the year America moves on from Obama and Clinton,” Ryan said.

“Only with Donald Trump and Mike Pence do we have a chance at a better way.”