CNN Analyst Calls Benghazi an 'Accident'

Posted: Jul 19, 2016 10:30 AM

CNN contributor Sally Kohn is infamous for sending not-so-sage tweets. But this one may have just taken the cake. During Monday night's RNC convention, Kohn tweeted that Benghazi was an "accident."

As you can imagine, social media users called Kohn out for her inaccurate and insensitive description of the 2012 terror attack.

Other tweeters pointed out how Hillary Clinton's inept leadership was also no "accident."

Several reports prove Hillary Clinton's State Department was debating fashion choices while Americans waited for help as terrorists lit the U.S. embassy on fire. Then, Clinton and her team had the gall to blame the coordinated ambush on a YouTube video - repeatedly.

The word "accident" lessens the magnitude of the attack, the tardiness of the State Department to respond, and their decision to lie to the American people. Moreover, it disrespects the lives lost that day.