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Graphic Pro-life Banners to Fly Over RNC Convention to Influence Platform

The pro-life group Created Equal is determined to get the Republican National Committee's attention next week in an effort to include the defunding of Planned Parenthood in its new platform. Every day during next week's convention, the group will be flying a banner in the Cleveland skies featuring a graphic picture of an aborted baby.

The aerial banner will feature a 50’ x 100’ photo of a baby aborted at 15 weeks, along with the headline “Rescue Unborn Children” and will fly over the Quicken Loans Arena for three hours each day of the convention, the group explains in a press release.

“Created Equal will increase the presence of these horrifying pictures of abortion leading up to the convention, July 18 through 21,” said Mark Harrington, the national director of Created Equal. “Our goal is to send a strong signal to the RNC to rescue the unborn - beginning with a commitment to defund Planned Parenthood.”

It's been a year since we learned Planned Parenthood was involved in the trafficking of aborted baby parts. Yet, the federal government still gives the pro-abortion business a half billion dollars every year. 

These banners may be a controversial strategy, but can they help stop the flow of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood?

You can take a look at the banner here (warning: graphic) and learn more about #OperationRNC here.

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