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Black Dallas Doctor Struggles to Hold Back Tears While Explaining Cops Are Not the Problem

Medical professionals at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, held an emotional press conference Monday afternoon to offer some insight into their efforts during this weekend's tragedy that left five police officers dead. One surgeon, Dr. Brian Williams, fought back tears throughout his remarks, wishing he could've saved more lives and that it "weighs on his mind constantly.”


Williams acknowledged the copious amounts of criticism that have been leveled at law enforcement, especially this past week as two African-American men were killed by white police officers, again resulting in a number of violent protests. Williams said he understands the distrust, but "cops are not the problem." These issues can be solved, he said, by police and civilians having open discussions about race relations.

When one reporter asked how he and his fellow surgeons were holding up, Williams again could barely hold back tears, noting that his personal issues don't even compare with what the victims' families are dealing with.


Williams, who is black, also shared some moving details about how he tries to pick up police officers' tabs in restaurants in order to teach his daughter not to fear them and perhaps help change the culture.

"I want my daughter to see me interacting with police that way so she doesn't grow up with the same burden that I carry," he explained.

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