Code Pink Confronts Cruz at Senate Hearing on Islamic Terror, Says He Has a ‘Serious Case’ of Islamophobia

Posted: Jun 28, 2016 3:00 PM
Washington, D.C. - Code Pink was in attendance for Sen. Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) hearing to address to White House’s downplaying of Islamic terror on Tuesday – and they immediately made their presence known. Standing in their infamous bright pink shirts with signs that read “Islamophobia is un-American,” they began by asking the room if anyone was “suffering from Islamophobia.”

When Cruz walked in, they asked him the same thing. 

The senator kept his cool, slammed down the gavel and began the hearing. He opened his remarks by referencing the terror attack at Fort Hood in 2009 waged by Nidal Hasan. Cruz noted the innocent people Hasan had slaughtered and how he chanted “allahu akbar” during his rampage. When Cruz accidentally mispronounced “allahu Akbar,” Code Pink and other attendees laughed out loud. 
“You said it wrong, you said it really wrong,” a Code Pink member said.
At this point, Cruz could no longer keep his cool. "Apparently some people think it’s funny” that a terrorist killed innocent people, he reacted. 

They weren't the only ones to define the hearing as racist. Even before the discussion got underway, one representative from the Muslim Public Affairs Council handed out literature to the press that insisted Tuesday's hearing "is a political circus to exploit post-Orlando hysteria" and is "against engagement with the Muslim community."

None of this, of course, stopped Cruz from proving how the Obama administration has consistently placed political correctness over national security by scrubbing references to Islamic terrorism.

Update: Here's the video of Sen. Ted Cruz's opening remarks. You can hear Code Pink laughing in the first 30 seconds as the chairman speaks somberly about the Fort Hood attack. Despicable.