MSNBC Host ‘Dares’ Guest to Tell Orlando Families the Carnage Was Result of Gun-free Zone, Not Guns

Posted: Jun 20, 2016 5:45 PM

On Monday morning, Larry Pratt, the executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America, told MSNBC’s John Roberts that the type of firearm the Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen used in his rampage last weekend was irrelevant.

“The type of weapon is substantially irrelevant,” he said. “What is relevant is it was another murder magnet. Another gun-free zone. That’s what we’ve got to put a stop to.”

Roberts was visibly offended by Pratt’s remarks.

“I would dare you to say that to the families who lost a loved one that the weapon used is irrelevant to why their loved one is dead,” Roberts challenged him.

Pratt said he'd be happy to expose the liberal hypocrisy.

The MSNBC anchor also wondered why American citizens are able to buy weapons similar to the ones being used on the battlefield. Pratt calmly explained that the military uses automatic firearms, while the gun used at the Orlando attack was semiautomatic. That gun, he continued, has been available for purchase for 50 years.

It was obvious Pratt was not going to convince Roberts that guns were not the enemy in Orlando. Roberts is one of many media figures who have chosen to blame firearms and not terrorism for last Sunday’s slaughter. 

Liberal congressmen have joined the anti-gun campaign as well. On Monday, lawmakers are voting on four different gun control measures. Meanwhile, more sensible people are trying to explain that no gun law would have stopped the Mateen from shooting dozens of innocent people. Before he killed 49 people, he passed a background check.