Classy: Check Out the Note George H. W. Bush Left for Bill Clinton Before Leaving Office

Posted: Jun 12, 2016 6:00 PM

Any new employee always appreciates a warm welcome to the office - especially someone about to assume the highest title in the land. President George H. W. Bush, who is celebrating his 92nd birthday on Sunday, understood this and it's why, before leaving the White House in 1993, he left a friendly note for his successor.

It's especially noteworthy that Bush's advice to Clinton was to find "happiness" in his new role. As stressful as it is being president, it can often be hard to remember to smile. 

It seems Clinton didn't forget Bush's kindness. Fast forward to 2004, the two began working together on fundraisers for victims recovering from the 2004 Asian tsunami and, later, Hurricane Katrina. 

Clinton shares a special friendship with George W. Bush as well. They playfully tease each other at events and on social media. Most entertainingly, Bush likes to refer to Clinton as his "brother from another mother." 

Bill Clinton's friendship with the Bushes proves that humanity and the greater good is more important than party affiliation. Representing the American people is a privilege and honor. As Bush senior said, the president of the United States is the president of all Americans. Considering how partisan the country has appeared to become each election year, that too can also be easy to forget.