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The National Republican Senatorial Committee released an ad on Friday with a warning for Senate Democrats: Hillary Clinton is "Toxic" for your reelection bids.


"Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of everything Americans hate about politics" the ad says. "Democratic Senate candidates: She is your burden to bear."

Clinton's long list of scandals has made her one of the most unpopular presidential candidates in recent history. Whether we rewind to her days as a lawyer defending a child rapist, or fast forward to her email scandal, her failure in Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation's questionable and perhaps unlawful connections, her whole political career is stained with controversy. 

Her presidential campaign, meanwhile, has featured nothing but "fake accents, fake concerns and fake laughs." This political pandering and lack of transparency can account for why she is losing key demographics to Bernie Sanders.

The NRSC argues that the presumed Democratic presidential nominee controversial history leaves Democrats with one question: "Can they really support Hillary Clinton?"

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