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Hillary Accuses the Press of Going Easy on Trump

In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump a "loose cannon" at least five times. Her rhetoric indicated that she is ready to define Trump as un-presidential months before they meet each in November, as both parties presumed nominees.


"I don't think we can take a risk on a loose cannon like Donald Trump," she said.

After warning voters about Trump, Clinton then aimed her fire at the press, who she says has failed to ask the businessman any tough questions.

Dana Bash pushed back at Clinton's remarks, insisting the former secretary of state is "missing the point." Both Bash and Anderson Cooper, along with several other media figures, she argued, have posed difficult questions to Trump. The problem, Bash insisted, was that Trump does not give straight answers. Or, as Brooke Baldwin put it, he is "gifted" in his responses. 

Meanwhile, sitting in Trump Tower, CNN's Wolf Blitzer spoke with Trump and broke the news to him that John Kasich is suspending his campaign Wednesday night. 

"He's doing the right thing," Trump responded, adding he'd be "interested" in vetting the Ohio governor as his potential running mate.

Trump also said he was surprised Clinton still hadn't silenced her opponent and wrapped up the Democratic primary by now. 

"She can't put it away," he said.

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