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Speaking to the press in Evansville, Indiana on Tuesday, Ted Cruz unloaded on Donald Trump perhaps more than he has at any point in the 2016 campaign. The Texas senator warned Hoosiers that Tuesday’s primary will have national significance and that a victory for Trump will jeopardize American values.


In his remarks, Cruz called Trump "narcissistic" and a "pathological liar." Then, Cruz reminded voters that Trump once admitted he doesn’t like to ask God for forgiveness.

“What does that say” about him? Cruz asked. “I’ve asked for forgiveness three times already today.”

Trump’s bullying and lack of humility are not presidential qualities, he argued.

“Think about your children,” Cruz pleaded. “This is not who we are. This is not our values.”

Cruz’s testy press conference comes a day after his combative 7-minute exchange with a Trump supporter on Monday. The senator offered the voter information about Trump’s not-so-conservative record on guns, etc., but the sunglass-wearing voter insisted on calling him “lyin’ Ted.” Safe to say, Cruz didn’t win his vote.

If Hoosiers come out today and deny Trump another victory, it “will change the entire trajectory of this campaign,” Cruz said. “Indiana can do it.” 

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