Cruz: 'Hillary, Get Ready, Here We Come'

Posted: Apr 05, 2016 10:15 PM
Cruz: 'Hillary, Get Ready, Here We Come'

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker praised his state Tuesday night at the Ted Cruz victory party.

"We understand what it means to have principled conservative leadership," Walker said.

Tuesday, he continued, was a "turning point" in this election.

"What an incredible victory tonight," Cruz said when took the stage, before remarking on his other recent wins, including his gaining the support of the majority of North Dakota delegates.

The Texas senator agreed with Walker that tonight is a turning point in the 2016 race.

The people of Wisconsin, Cruz said, made sure tonight was "a victory for every American." As for those news reports that said Wisconsin was a "perfect state" for Trump just three weeks ago, Cruz let the crowd boo.

Cruz said that he's confident he will win the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination. "Together, we will beat Hillary Clinton in November," he promised.

"Tonight was a bad night for Hillary Clinton," Cruz continued. "We're winning because we're uniting the Republican Party."

One look at his long list of endorsements, ranging from Lindsey Graham to Mark Levin, shows he's gaining support from the whole spectrum of the party, Cruz argued. 

He spent a few minutes remarking on his policy goals, indicating that "jobs, freedom, and security" will be his campaign theme from here until the White House.

Conservative groups like Tea Party Patriots were thrilled with Cruz's win, noting how he keeps racking up the wins against Trump.

“Once again, a huge night for Senator Cruz as he has demonstrated he can defeat Donald Trump in any region of the country," said Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin in a statement, adding he has all the momentum heading into the convention.

"Hillary, get ready, here we come," a confident Cruz said before leaving the stage.

Watch his whole speech here.