Paris Attacks Suspect Claims He 'Didn't Know' About Brussels Plans, Wants to Go to France 'As Quickly As Possible'

Posted: Mar 24, 2016 7:40 AM
On Friday, Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam was captured by authorities in Brussels, Belgium, months after he planned the deadly carnage that killed over 120 people in the heart of France. The terror attacks in Brussels this week appeared to be revenge for his arrest. In a hearing Thursday morning in Brussels, however, Abdeslam's lawyer Sven Mary claimed his client knew nothing about the attacks this week that killed over 31 people and injured another 230.

Mary also indicated Abdeslam wants to be extradited to France.

Mr. Abdeslam "wants to leave for France as quickly as possible," Sven Mary, his lawyers, told reporters Thursday morning after a court hearing in Brussels.

Abdeslam, who until last week was the most wanted man in Europe, initially opposed returning to the scene of the crime, but after Brussels he now wants to "explain himself in France."

It doesn't matter where Abeslam chooses to "explain himself." There is no justifying the blood on his hands. As for him not even being aware of the follow up attack, we'll let the court decide.