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'Fight For 15' Protest Group Marched Outside Debate Tonight

GREENVILLE, S.C. - Supporters of the campaign known as "Fight for 15" made an appearance at Saturday night's GOP debate venue here in Greenville, South Carolina. The group, a project of the Service Employees International Union, is an "international movement of underpaid workers taking a stand against poverty wages," according to its social media pages. They are on a mission to raise the minimum wage to $15.

The conservative group America Rising Squared got their hands on a recent “Fight for 15” email which indicated the group was planning to send a bus of protesters to tonight’s event. They arrived in due time, according to Twitter.

Brian Rogers, executive director of AR2, has a slightly different definition of "Fight for 15" that you won't find on the campaign's website:

“Contrary to what its big labor union funders want to portray, the ‘Fight for $15’ is actually a highly-orchestrated multi-million dollar effort by the SEIU to increase its shrinking membership rolls and gain hundreds of millions in new members’ dues,” he said in a statement Saturday. 


The American Action Forum released a study last year that concluded raising the minimum wage would result in the loss of 6.6 million jobs. Does that sound like a worthy goal to “fight” for?

One of the protesters’ reported targets is the media filing center. I’ll let you know if they make their way in. 

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