Obama Quips That New Low Unemployment Number Is ‘Inconvenient’ For Republican Candidates

Posted: Feb 05, 2016 1:00 PM

“Americans are working,” President Obama proudly declared at a White House press conference Friday morning.

He was referring to the new jobs report that revealed unemployment has dropped to 4.9 percent – the first time it’s fallen below 5 percent in 8 years.

The president also remarked on how his administration has added 14 million new jobs over his tenure and that over the past 6 months wages have risen at an impressive rate. He couldn't help pointing to falling gas prices as well.

After gleefully sharing these new numbers, Obama quipped that the supposedly successful economy is “inconvenient” for Republican stump speeches as the 2016 candidates talk about “doom and gloom.”

“I guess you can’t please everybody,” he said.

Yet, Republicans aren’t the only ones not satisfied with the numbers.  Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have sparred about how to encourage the struggling middle class. Moreover, a majority of Americans continually say they are not happy with the direction America is heading.

As for those unemployment numbers, economists would argue it is more like 9.9 percent.