Lindsey Graham Endorses Jeb: He Is Best To Lead Our 1 Percent Fighting Force

Posted: Jan 15, 2016 10:15 AM

Friday in North Charleston, SC, the morning after the Fox Business debate, former presidential candidate Lindsey Graham threw his support behind Jeb Bush. Standing beside the former Florida governor, Graham insisted that Bush is the best candidate to reestablish our presence in the world and instill fear in our enemies.

Bush, Graham said, is “Who I want to be commander in chief for that 1 percent fighting force.”

“Jeb Bush is ready on day one,” he added.

Bush gladly accepted Graham's endorsement as a very "meaningful" one.

Graham, a South Carolina senator who has been one of the most vocal members of Congress to push for more "boots on the ground" to combat ISIS, has made it clear that he is a fan of Bush's forceful foreign policy agenda.

Graham also shares Bush's opinion that Trump's "ban Muslims" policy is not only offensive - it's harmful. At Thursday's debate, Bush asked Trump to "reconsider," because turning our backs on our Muslim friends would prevent our ability to build a strong coalition to fight ISIS. At a previous debate, Graham even felt compelled to apologize to the King of Jordan, who is Muslim, insisting that we still have his back.

Will Graham's endorsement help Jeb regain some momentum?