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MSNBC Analyst: Israelis With Rifles Helped Deter Tel Aviv Mass Shooter

MSNBC analyst Cal Perry has an explanation for why Israeli citizens were able to prevent a larger death toll in Tel Aviv this New Year’s Eve. Tragically, two people died and seven were injured in a shooting at a pub. Police are still investigating whether or not this was a terror attack. Considering the number of horrific murders waged by Palestinian terrorists in Israel recently, terror is of course on authorities' radar.


On Friday, Perry noted that if you are an 18- year-old in Israel, you have to serve in the army, meaning many of citizens are armed on a daily basis. That, he surmised, is likely why the mass shooter ran when he did. 

“So you’re carrying an M-16 rifle at all times. That’s partly why it seems this gunman fleed so quickly.”

MSNBC has some common sense in the New Year, it seems. An unnerving amount of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones. Knowing so many citizens have firearms, criminals and murderers like this Tel Aviv gunman are less likely to be so bold.

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