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Trump Says a Leader Needs to Have ‘Flexibility’ When Student Confronts Him Over His Lack of Specificity

A common critique of Donald Trump's campaign is that the GOP frontrunner is big on promises, but short on specificity. A 21-year-old student confronted him about his missing policy proposals at a "Today Show" town hall Monday morning.


“Your campaign has been based more on talking points than substance," the student said. "Do you have a specific plan for how to bring our economy back or should middle class voters just elect you because your name’s Trump?”

“I think they should because I’ve built a great company,” the business mogul said.

Trump then said he has surrounded himself some of the best businesspeople in the world to help him with trade deals with China, etc.

The student, still looking for a satisfactory answer, pressed Trump again: “But do you have a specific plan?”

“Sure,” Trump said. “I’m going to renegotiate our trade deals. I’m going to bring our jobs back, I’m going to bring our manufacturing back.”

He then explained that politicians’ 14-point plans may sound good, but they don’t work.

“It doesn’t work that way,” Trump insisted. “Because point two gets loused up and now you have to go to a different point two. You have to have great flexibility in deal making.”


Trump also took credit for the Ford plant that recently opened in the United States, claiming he “embarrassed” the automaker for moving jobs overseas by bringing it up so often in his speeches.

John Kasich, however, claims he was the one to bring Ford back to the States.

Watch more of Trump’s town hall, hosted by Matt Lauer, here

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