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Does Planned Parenthood have some humanity after all? Reluctantly, it seems. On Tuesday CEO Cecile Richards announced her organization will stop accepting money for aborted baby parts. When she made the statement, however, she suggested they are only doing so to silence their anti-abortion opponents: 


But today, according to the Wall St. Journal, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards announced in a letter to the National Institutes of Health that planned Parenthood will stop accepting “reimbursement” from the sales of aborted fetal body parts. Attacking the pro-life group that exposed her, Richards says the move is designed to take away the “smokescreen” of the “extremists” behind the Center for Medical Progress videos.

Richards claims the decision “is first and foremost about preserving the ability of our patients to donate tissue, and to expose our opponents’ false charges about this limited but important work.”

Keep in mind this is an organization that receives $500 million a year from taxpayers. 

One of the "extremists" behind those Center for Medical Progress videos, David Daleiden, said he sees right through Planned Parenthood's decision:

"For three months, Planned Parenthood has tried to pass off its baby-parts-for-money scheme as totally legitimate. Today, Planned Parenthood’s latest PR stunt of so-called “policy” change is an admission of guilt.

"If the money Planned Parenthood has been receiving for baby body parts were truly legitimate “reimbursement,” why cancel it? This proves what CMP has been saying all along—Planned Parenthood incurs no actual costs, and the payments for harvested fetal parts have always been an extra profit margin.

"Without releasing the text of the alleged new “policy” and the exact model from the their Washington affiliate, Planned Parenthood’s stunt today tells us nothing. This only raises more serious questions about what Planned Parenthood leadership has been allowing its clinics to do with money and baby parts, and intensifies the need for Congress to pursue full auditing and oversight of Planned Parenthood’s unaccountable criminal enterprise of baby parts trafficking."


To emphasize Daleiden's significant point, why would Planned Parenthood need to discontinue a practice they have up until now defended as perfectly sound and legal? Moreover, why did Richards feel the need to apologize for the content uncovered in the investigation?

This puzzle isn't hard to put together. Planned Parenthood is obsessed with abortion because it is one of their most significant sources of revenue. Now that they have been so publicly exposed, they feel cornered and pressured to save their "women's health" reputation. 

I must leave you with the most biting excerpt from Rep. Diane Black's (R-TN) reaction to Planned Parenthood's policy change. Black authored the House's Defund Planned Parenthood bill. 

“In light of this news, I suppose Doctor Mary Gatter will have to find another way to get her Lamborghini."

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