Jeb Counters Trump's Claim He is Controlled by Lobbyists: “Don’t Cut Me Off, Sir”

Posted: Sep 16, 2015 9:34 PM

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush wrote an op-ed earlier this month detailing Donald Trump's using politics to further his special interests. At tonight’s presidential debate at the Reagan Library, he had the chance to confront Trump about it in person.

The battle between the two contenders began when CNN's Jake Tapper raised the issue of campaign finance, asking Bush if he was a "puppet" to his donors like Trump claimed this summer on the campaign trail.

Bush denied such a definition and then turned the tables on Trump, reminding the businessman that he once tried to convince him to open casino gambling in Florida.

Trump shook his head:

“No I didn’t,” Trump responded. “Because I promise, if I wanted it, I would have gotten it.”

As you can see, Trump’s humility was on full display again. 

The businessman continued defending his record, saying he is not controlled by lobbyists like his other opponents on stage and that he has turned down millions of dollars.

Bush, however, continued to list the liberal leaders Trump has publicly supported in the past, prompting Trump to tell him to stop “making things up.” Bush responded harshly, “Don’t cut me off, sir.”

Trump did, however, have one compliment for Jeb:

“More energy tonight, I like that.”

Final note: A quick fact check over those casino claims doesn't look so great for Trump.