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Liberals Praise Trump's Tax Plan

Donald Trump is getting lots of love for his soon-to-be-released tax plan – from liberals.

Trump’s economic blueprint, previewed by the New York Times last week, is reported to include a few tax hikes, including one on wealthy Americans.


Mr. Trump has called for higher taxes on hedge fund managers and other people who earn “carried interest” income, and said it’s “outrageous” how little tax some very rich people pay.

Appearing on “The View” Tuesday morning, the Democratic Party’s favorite left-winger Elizabeth Warren said some of Trump’s plan made sense:

"There are a lot of places where he gets out and talks about important things," Warren said. "Donald Trump and I both agree that there ought to be more taxation of the billionaires, the people who are making their money on Wall Street."

Republicans, on the other hand, are not impressed. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), one of Trump’s GOP contenders for the White House, was so confused by Trump’s anti-conservative plan that he said the businessman would be better suited to run for a spot on the other party’s ticket:

“I think if someone wants to raise taxes, they should run for the Democratic nomination,” Rubio told Boston Herald Radio in an interview with host Adriana Cohen during today’s “Herald Drive” show. “That party loves to raise taxes, I want to keep taxes low.”

It will be interesting to see if Trump remains at the top of the polls once he officially unveils his tax-hiking agenda.

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