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Planned Parenthood and its nationwide affiliates have really had to stretch to try and defend their organization in the wake of five very damning videos. The Center for Medical Progress has thus far released a handful of clips from their three-year investigation into Planned Parenthood which has exposed several of the organization’s employees negotiating the sale of aborted babies’ organs and, in the latest disturbing video, even whole babies’ bodies.


Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards attempted to justify her organization's immorality by instead pointing an accusatory finger at the “militant wing of the anti-abortion movement” and referring to the videos in question as “highly doctored.” The words escaped her in desperation.

Her "non-profit's" affiliates have similarly failed in their far fetched explanations for what is seen on these tapes. In perhaps the strangest "defense" yet, the Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast had this to say:

"The video released today will be difficult for many people to see. Medical procedures and medical research are often difficult to watch. The video shows a Planned Parenthood staff member with an actor posing as a medical researcher handling fetal tissue in a lab. It is standard medical practice to review tissue to ensure the health and safety of patients, and this tissue was being examined and handled under the false pretense of a standard laboratory site visit for people purportedly conducting qualified medical research.”

That’s all they can say? The selling of babies’ body parts is just part of a “medical procedure” that is “difficult to watch?” Such a casually callous response is perhaps more disturbing than the footage itself. If the scenes in these videos are common practices behind Planned Parenthood's doors, a full scale investigation into their clinics should be demanded in every state.


The Gulf Coast branch goes on to assert that the “real agenda” of the CMP is to ban abortion and limit women's access to reproductive health care at Planned Parenthood and that most Americans don’t support their efforts. Yet, the pro-life movement has only grown more vocal in its effort to halt taxpayer funding to the organization, even dedicating a day of national protests to expose its harmful treatment of women.

After the first four videos were released, the Senate still could not garner enough votes to defund the organization. Two Democrats voted in favor of the bill, however, leaving some room for hope that more will join as more footage from the CMP is released.

Soon, Planned Parenthood's meaningless justifications will no longer be tolerated.

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