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Anyone who saw either video released by the Center for Medical Progress this week into their investigation of Planned Parenthood knows the footage went beyond politics. Both videos showed Planned Parenthood doctors casually discussing the sale of fetal body parts for profit, whether sipping wine or dreaming about buying a Lamborghini. These disturbing findings not only raised ethically immoral flags, they raised legal questions as well. The sale of fetal body parts violates federal law. As a result of the gruesome discoveries, House GOP members and eight states have announced plans to launch investigations into Planned Parenthood.


Virginia is not one of those. It seems the videos have done little to convince Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) to take action. Here’s what his spokesperson Brian Coy had to say on behalf of his boss’s decision to look the other way after the first video came out:

“Governor McAuliffe was disturbed by the content of the video in question, but does not believe it should be fodder for political attacks on women’s access to health care,” Coy said in a written statement. “Every Virginia women’s health center is licensed and regulated by the Virginia Department of Health and subject to regular and thorough inspections to ensure that they are in full compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations. The Governor is confident that any violation of those laws and regulations will be reported and appropriate action taken.”

McAuliffe’s dismissal of CMP's investigation into Planned Parenthood is not surprising, considering he once defended late-term abortion, opposed abortion clinic restrictions and received nearly $2 million from the abortion industry for his successful gubernatorial campaign in 2013.

McAuliffe ignores the fact that Virginia’s abortion clinics have threatened the women’s health he seeks to protect. The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway produced a lengthy report on the state of Virginia’s “blood spattered” abortion clinics a couple years ago. The details are chilling and anyone who claims to be concerned with women’s health ought to immediately demand more inspections and oversight.


Sadly, not even the recent footage of Planned Parenthood officials speaking of aborted babies as if they were collateral can convince McAuliffe and other pro-abortion politicians to sever their precious relationship with the powerful organization. What else do they need to see or hear to realize that Planned Parenthood may not be the women's rights crusader it claims to be? 

I’ll let The Hill’s A.B. Stoddard have the last word about Democrats’ deafening silence on the issue.

It is not abortion rights or Roe v. Wade, they are selling body parts at Planned Parenthood. And the Democrats, it is not just Hillary Clinton, it is everybody in the party who are silent on this, stay silent at their peril. This is going to be a huge issue when Congress returns in the fall.

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