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It wasn’t the friendliest reading material when waiting for my train in the Washington, DC metro system. Behind me, as I stood on the platform, was a large pink ad from Carafem clinic that blared the words, “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.” Carafem is a new facility in Montgomery County, Maryland that specializes in the abortion pill – and they want you to know it.


In conjunction with these lovely baby-killing billboards, is an equally disturbing video ad campaign, which I discovered while browsing YouTube. (I can’t seem to escape these ads, so I figured it was time to write about them.)

In the video, three women are discussing an operation one of their friends had, trying to figure out if she had appendicitis. That’s when a younger, more modern looking woman corrects them and tells them it was an abortion.

The video ends with this final message: “Because there’s no shame in it. Abortion – yeah, we do that.”

As you can see, these ads are an attempt to normalize the procedure in such a way that one would consider it no more unusual than an appendicitis surgery.

The Carafem clinic is trying to achieve this ambiance in its physical appearance as well. Inside the Maryland facility are wood floors and natural wood tones on the walls that give it a “spa-like feel.” The reality, however, is anything but relaxing. The Washington Post provided a detail look at how the clinic operates.

After receiving counseling and some basic tests, Carafem clients will take an initial pill at the clinic. Purdy’s team expects to get them in and out quickly, within about 60 minutes. They will be sent home with a second set of pills to take the next day. The second dose induces the abortion, which resembles a miscarriage, typically within six hours.


But hey, at least you get a cup of hot tea.

The word “abortion” is proudly plastered all over Carafem’s website, guiding young women to schedule an appointment as if it was a routine check-up.

Unplanned pregnancy? Need an abortion?
We provide the abortion pill for $400 with appointments taking around 60 minutes.

Carafem’s bright pink advertising campaign is not just gaudy – it’s dangerous. The media can try to claim that 1 in 3 women will have an abortion by the time she’s 45, but the facts are not on their side.

Unlike other pro-abortion groups or establishments, at least Carafem is getting straight to the point by saying abortion instead of using misleading terms like “reproductive rights,” or “reproductive justice.”

Either way, their agenda is the same: pain for profit - and it's one they can't hide behind a hot pink sign.  

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