New 'Rock the Vote' Ad is About as Liberal as You'd Expect

Posted: Oct 07, 2014 4:00 PM

Nothing says voting for important policy issues like dancing in a leotard. In 2012, Lena Dunham tried to drive young people to the polls by bragging that voting for President Obama would be her “first time.” In case you were wondering if she’d matured two years later, she hasn’t; she’s still using her sexuality to encourage voting. In a new ad from Rock the Vote, a non-profit and (supposedly) non-partisan organization that specializes in driving the youth vote, Dunham dances in a leotard while declaring she’s turning out for “reproductive rights.”

In addition to Dunham, several other celebrities shared why they’re voting in next month’s midterms. Hint: they’re not exactly conservative causes. Lil Jon is voting for “the legalization of marijuana,” Sophia Bush is voting for “women’s rights,” and Ireland Baldwin is voting for “global warming awareness.” Also featured in the ad was an image of a gun with a lock on the trigger, suggesting you should also vote for gun control.

Where were the celebrities voting for religious freedom? For gun rights? They must be in part two.

Instead of flaunting her sexuality, maybe Dunham should encourage young women to vote with their intellect. Women are more than their anatomy, but feminist celebrities like Dunham keep insisting that their sex's most important banner is access to birth control.   

In case you were wondering which other issues not to vote for: