Happy Anniversary: Wendy Davis 'Hits a Low Point' A Year After Filibuster

Posted: Jun 23, 2014 12:00 PM

Don't be ashamed if you don't remember who Wendy Davis is. To jog your memory, the Texas State Senator- turned-gubernatorial candidate's pro-abortion filibuster last year inspired Democrats across the country, convincing them that she would lead the charge in turning Texas blue. Now, after her fifteen minutes of fame has fizzled, Davis has all but disappeared from the race.

Politico defines the fallen Democratic hero's campaign as resting in the gutter:

Wendy Davis was riding high last summer as the most watched, most talked about, most loved new Democratic star. Her fans included Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Liberals all over Washington toasted her, urging her to run for governor of Texas.

A year later, she’s hit a low point, grappling with the reality of running for office as a Democrat in a deep-red state.

Her campaign’s relationship with the Democratic Governors Association has soured. She’s down in the polls by double digits. And national Democrats have all but written off her race.

The Texas Tribune echoes this sentiment. Writing with a sense of urgency, Executive Editor Ross Ramsey says that Davis needs that filibuster spirit back again if she has any hope in succeeding this November.

Now, with four and a half months left until the general election, Davis and her followers are trying to use the anniversary of the filibuster to rekindle the excitement they generated a year ago, to attract new, like-minded voters to the polls and to convert voters who have a two-decade habit of putting Republicans into the state’s top offices.

Barring the fact that Davis is trying to compete in a deep red state, the liberal candidate's campaign has proven to be self-destructive. A few of her hiccups have included a spokesman quitting, gender pay gap hypocrisy and an exaggerated rags-to-riches story. Oh yeah and her campaign staff also mocked her opponent for being in a wheelchair.

Despite gaining rock star status last year trying to block lifesaving legislation, Davis remains ten points behind Abbott.

Happy Anniversary.

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