Eva Longoria's Sexist New Show

Posted: Nov 11, 2013 1:00 PM

Eva Longoria, former star of Desperate Housewives and ardent Obama supporter, is starring in a new animated show called “Mother Up” on Hulu. In the 13-episode online program, Longoria plays Rudi Wilson, a mom trying to start a new life in suburbia after getting fired from her job. She explained the premise behind the show, which seemed to reveal the actress is more interested in bashing men than empowering women.

"I'm a fan of animation and I watch 'Family Guy' and I watch 'American Dad!' and you always see these really flawed fathers and the really perfect mom who is trying to hold the family together because the dads, they're just idiots," said Longoria.

Based on Longoria’s offensive comments, it was no surprise that her husband on the animated show is portrayed as a cruel womanizer. Our first introduction to him in the pilot is him badmouthing his wife while talking to his mistress on the phone. As Rudi walks in, he exclaims, “Oh, it’s my stupid wife.”

That is the one scene in which we see the father. The only other reference to him is after Rudi gets fired from her job and moves to suburbia and she tells her two children, “Your loser father has left us forever.”

After watching the first episode, I gathered that the gist of the show is to try and prove that women don’t need men to raise their kids. Longoria (who is not a mother), probably did not mention that without these “losers,” statistics show children often grow up with a host of problems.

Here were just a couple statistics missing from the “Mother Up” plotline: Children in father-absent homes are almost four times more likely to be poor. In 2011, 12 percent of children in married-couple families were living in poverty, compared to 44 percent of children in mother-only families. What’s more, a charity report found that fatherless young people were found to be almost 70 percent more likely to take drugs and 76 percent more likely to turn to crime.

But, by all means Eva Longoria, teach women that men are “idiots.”

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