This Just In: Now Even Cartoons Are Making Fun of Obamacare

Posted: Oct 31, 2013 12:00 PM

The creators at South Park thrive on mocking current events in both politics and pop culture. Obamacare, the president’s “proud” accomplishment in health care reform, was no exception. Following HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’s failure of a testimony yesterday on the shortcomings of, the cartoon comedy show mercilessly lampooned Obamacare's rollout process.

In the new episode, entitled Taming Strange, one character, Kyle, is worried about the strange behavior of his little brother, Ike. Because of his symptoms, one character jokes he is going through "Canadian Puberty," referencing the Canadian health care system.

Breitbart provides more details:

At the boys' school, counselor Mr. Mackey is having his own troubles using the building's new "Intellilink" system, a program meant to streamline all the students' mental health needs. Click a button to schedule an appointment and the school lights shut off. Visit the program's menu for a child's health status and cheesy '80s music is piped into the building.

It's ObamaCare's web site all over again. The episode even includes a hapless Kathleen Sebelius character who is summarily fired for incompetence.

It’s one thing when late-night talk show hosts and even Saturday Night Live is taking potshots at the president’s sweeping legislation, but a cartoon? Granted, it’s an adult cartoon. But the point is no less significant.

Animated or not animated, Obamacare is becoming a running punchline.