Polls Show A Majority Of Americans Oppose Obama's Amnesty

Posted: Dec 10, 2014 11:05 AM

Somewhere between 51 and 56 percent of Americans oppose President Obama's executive amnesty program according to three polls released since Obama outlined the policy to the nation.

  • CNN poll conducted in late November found that while just 41 percent of Americans supported Obama's "executive orders" to change "how the U.S. will deal with some immigrants who are in this country illegally," a full 56 percent opposed it.
  • Bloomberg poll conducted in early December found that a very similar 56 percent of Americans opposed "President Obama signing an executive order giving temporary legal status to some people who are in the United States illegally." Just 39 percent approved.
  • And a Gallup poll conduct from November 24 through December 7 found that just 37 percent of Americans approved of President Obama's "executive actions" "dealing with certain categories of undocumented immigrants living in the United States." A majority of Americans, 51 percent disapproved.

These results contrast sharply with a Latino Decisions poll that found almost 90 percent of Latinos approved of Obama's amnesty. According to Gallup, just 64 percent of Hispanics approve of the plan. The Bloomberg poll did not have a larger enough Latino sub-sample to post a good number.

All three news organizations buried their survey findings on Obama's amnesty, CNN in the most misleading way. CNN asked three questions about Obama's amnesty, all pictured below:

Despite the fact that their own poll showed that more Americans (46% to 42%) opposed Obama's the policy changes in Obama's speech, this is the headline they went with:

Gallup also buried their finding that a majority of Americans oppose Obama's amnesty under the headline, "U.S. Hispanics Back Obama Immigration Actions," while Bloomberg went with, "Approval Ratings Hit Five Year High For Republicans."

Also of note, just 51 percent of Hispanics born in the United States approve of Obama's amnesty compared to 75 percent of Hispanics born in another country.