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Eric Metaxas Reveals How to Win the Culture War

In our exclusive interview with national radio host and bestselling author Eric Metaxas, he discusses why he’s now a political conservative, where we are in the culture wars, the battle for religious liberty, and his new children’s book Donald Drains the Swamp: A Donald the Caveman Book – which may or may not be based on a true story!  Metaxas is also the author of the much celebrated biography of Bonhoeffer.



  • 2:58 Eric Metaxas explains the basic plot of Donald Drains The Swamp and why he wrote the book. He also points out how adults will appreciate the book along with their children.
  • 10:02 Metaxas lays out how the book parallels what is happening in America right now — and how it shows Donald Trump’s appeal to “forgotten Americans.”
  • 14:40 Eric Metaxas gives his assessment of how America is doing under Pres. Donald Trump.
  • 19:28 Metaxas addresses how — or if — conservatives can end the current cold cultural civil war we are in right now.
  • 23:50 Metaxas explains how liberals in academic and the media over-inflate issues like transgenderism — and why most Americans actually have a common sense take on hot-button cultural issues.
  • 26:33 Eric Metaxas explains why, despite progress under Trump, conservatives need to keep fighting the existential battle to preserve our constitutional republic.

OUR GUEST – Eric Metaxas

  • Readers will know Eric Metaxas for his popular, nationally syndicated radio show, which is heard on over 300 US radio stations and which has featured guests such as Dick Cavett and Peggy Noonan. He was also the keynote speaker at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast.
  • In addition to his radio program, Metaxas also has a thriving career as a bestelling author for children and adults, with titles including Martin LutherMiracles, and Bonhoeffer. He was also a writer for a time on the hit Christian children’s cartoon VeggieTales.

BOOK OVERVIEW – Donald Drains The Swamp

  • Part children’s book, part political parable, Donald Drains The Swamp takes the story of Pres. Trump’s election and the D.C. political swamp he’s sworn to drain, and turns it into a story of a people ignored by their King and misruled by the literal swamp creatures living around his castle.
  • Trump becomes “Donald The Caveman”, which is also the name of the series of books Metaxas is starting with Donald Drains The Swamp. Playing into the liberal horror at his real-life behavior, Donald the Caveman decides to help the people and drain the swamp.



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