Supply-Side Legend Arthur Laffer Authors New Economics Book for Children (Author Interview)

Posted: Jan 15, 2017 11:30 AM

Famed economist Dr. Arthur Laffer and writer Michelle Balconi, sit down with the Conservative Book Club to discuss their new economics book — for kids! The book is called Let’s Chat About Economics: Basic Principles Through Everyday Scenarios.

Laffer, the legendary Reagan supply-sider who came up with the Laffer Curve, and Balconi, have written a wonderful book to help parents teach their children about free market economics.  The genius they employ is using real-life situations they can relate too, i.e. grocery store shopping, yard sales, etc.

Listen below to our exclusive author interview with the great Arthur Laffer and Michelle Balconi!

To learn more about Dr. Laffer, Michelle Balconi, and their new book, visit the Conservative Book Club!

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