Is Charlie Brown a Conservative?

Posted: Jul 17, 2016 12:05 PM
Is Charlie Brown a Conservative?

Are you a fan of Charlie Brown? Then listen to our exclusive podcast author interview with Tracy Stratford, the voice of Lucy in the iconic “A Charlie Brown Christmas” TV movie special. Stratford, writing for the late Peanuts creator Charles M. Schulz, is the author of three new children’s books in the Peanuts series titled, Hooray for Liberty, Charlie BrownIt’s a New World, Charlie Brown, and Westward Ho, Charlie Brown.

In the interview we discuss the comic strip magic of Charles Schulz, the influence of Peanuts and its memorable characters, and how public schools today are failing to teach our children basic US history.

Each book tells a story for children about US history, while emphasizing the nature of American Exceptionalism, using the famed Peanuts characters. If you’re a parent looking for some summer reading for your children, we recommend you check out these wonderful additions to the Peanuts children’s book series.

Listen to our exclusive one-on-one author interview with Tracy Stratford below – the voice of Lucy from “A Charlie Brown Christmas Special.” Comment below and let us know what you think the true enduring legacy of the Peanuts comic strip will be!

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