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PETA Declares War on Macaroni and Cheese

Fresh off a massively backfired anti-hunting campaign on Facebook and falling for a 4chan hoax declaring milk to be a symbol of white supremacy, PETA has resumed its war on cheese. 


Back in August, PETA caused quite a stir when it announced that the consumption of cheese was inherently sexist as cows are "raped" when they are artificially inseminated to produce milk. (Never mind that cows don't have sex for pleasure, but anyhow.) Now, PETA has moved to the second front on its war on dairy products: guilting people for eating macaroni and cheese. 

In a rather disturbing video tweeted from its official account, PETA purports to share the "real" recipe for mac and cheese. (Spoiler alert: in PETA's view, the creation of macaroni and cheese involves lots of cow rape and the kidnapping and murder of a calf.) 

Watch the video, but be warned it's framed in a disturbing manner: 


Let's all take a deep breath. Sure, some parts of the food industry aren't exactly as kind and nice as we'd perhaps imagine or prefer. That doesn't mean that it's inherently wrong to consume these things. Anything can be framed as a house of horrors with certain terminology, out-of-context video clips, and scary music. This is meant to manipulate you. 

Also, what kind of magic cheese is that that melts from square chunks into a perfect sauce without any sort of roux? I'm going to call bull on that, PETA. 

Now I don't know about you, but I'm really craving some mac and cheese right about now...

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