Aww: CIA Shares Story of Lulu, The Failed Bomb Sniffing Dog

Posted: Oct 19, 2017 5:35 PM

On Wednesday, the CIA's official Twitter page took a break from the norm and told the story of Lulu, a bomb-sniffing dog in training. Lulu was a member of the Fall 2017 CIA K9 class, the first-ever all-female class. Lulu is a black lab, and she was the smallest in her class. 

In a kind of somber "pupdate," the CIA told Lulu's story of how finding explosives just wasn't her vocation. But stay tuned! There's a happy ending. 

Brace yourself for some cute puppy pics: 


Honestly Lulu, I feel ya girl. That sounds like a stressful job.

"Doggy psychologist" sounds like a pretty sweet gig...

Oh no! Poor Lulu.

A tough choice, but Lulu needs to live her best life and clearly bomb-sniffing is just not her thing. 

But fret not! She's currently enjoying her retirement and living with her handler and his kids. Instead of bombs, she's now sniffing out squirrels. 

Sorry things didn't work out, Lulu! Enjoy your (hopefully) bomb-free retirement!

As for the rest of Lulu's classmates, they will graduate in November.