Wow: A Virgin Mary Statue Was the Only Thing Standing After Hurricane Harvey

Posted: Aug 28, 2017 4:45 PM

A family in Texas lost their home to a fire during Hurricane Harvey, but they're finding comfort in the only thing left standing: A statue of the Virgin Mary. The Rojas family of Robstown, Texas, had boarded up their home and left town ahead of the storm, but an electrical fire broke out and quickly spread in the winds of the storm, destroying their home as well as two others. 

Despite this, the Rojas's say that while the loss was devastating, they're thankful that they did not die in the fire. Natali Rojas, who owned one of the homes, said that she's thanking God she's alive, and she's going to "pray for a better tomorrow." 

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Left standing among the rubble, sticking out like it was meant to be there was a statue of the Virgin Mary.

"Some may blame God and some may blame the hurricane but the only thing standing were, holy things, as you can see this statue is the only thing that survived, I dug in there for things and all I found is a Virgin Mary," Natali explained.

The iconic Mother Mary has long time been a symbol of hope for religious and non-religious alike, her presence is certainly felt with Natali.

"Appreciate what you have, listen to the warnings, hug your children and thank God for today and yesterday, and pray for a better tomorrow," she said.

Wow. What incredible faith and bravery in an unimaginably horrible time. 

A GoFundMe set up for the family can be found here

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