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Shooter Identified As James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois; Facebook Page Shows Bernie Sanders Support

The shooter in this morning's attack at the Republican Congressional Baseball Game practice has been identified by the Washington Post as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Illinois. Hodgkinson owns a home inspection business. Five people, including Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA), were injured in Wednesday morning's shooting in Alexandria, Virginia.


The shooter asked Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) whether the practice was for the Republicans or the Democrats prior to opening fire.

A Facebook page for a "James T. Hodgkinson" of Belleville, features an image of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) as the cover photo, and an image praising "democratic socialism" as his main profile image.

While it is unconfirmed that this is actually Hodgkinson's page, it is the only result for a person with his name and in his town, and the occupation listed matches the Washington Post report.

Hodgkinson had also shared a post in mid-March saying that President trump is a "Traitor" who has "Destroyed Our Democracy." "It's Time To Destroy Trump & Co."


Many people have commented on the shooter's purported Facebook page about how he deserves the death penalty and other punishments for his crime.

An infrequently-used Twitter profile for @JTHInspections, identified as belonging to a "James Hodgkinson" of Belleville, Illinois, contained mostly political tweets in support of Sanders and against Donald Trump.

President Trump confirmed that Hodgkinson died from his injuries after the shooting.

This post has been updated.

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